segunda-feira, outubro 17, 2005

AVS Forums: "Why Blu-Ray and HD DVD will fail"

"There is a good thread started over at AVS Forum concerning an opinion on why Blu-Ray and HD DVD will fail. Keep in mind that this is not our opinion here at HD Beat but rather an individual over at the very large forum site. The guy has some very good points and I happen to have the same overall concerns.
He states that they will fail for these 4 reasons

1. Public nonchalance
2. No set standard
3. Crippling DRM
4. Cost

I am not here to steal his thunder so venture over there to read his statements 'cause he does a good job of explaining his reasons. I hope he turns out to be wrong for all of us HD addicts, but he does have very valid points. What do you think: are both formats doomed to failure?"



É uma opinião como tantas outras existem. Apenas a achei interessante.. Se quiserem basta carregar nos links para ver o post dele e as suas ideias.