sábado, outubro 22, 2005

Sony announces PSP Giga Pack

"Don’t get all excited here, this isn’t the PSP with the integrated hard drive we’ve all been lusting after. No, Sony’s Giga Pack is far less interesting—the PSP is now being bundled with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, a small stand, and the other usual suspects like USB cable, remote and earphones, slip-in case, etc. This does indeed make things easier (and cheaper) for those annoyed at having to spend a couple bucks in the regular PSP Value Pack bundle for the 32MB card when they’re just going to drop an extra $80 or $90 on the one gig card. Their listed price is ¥29,800 (about $250), which we’re hoping isn’t as much of a price cut as we’re going to see on the system for this coming holiday season—especially since it’s not really a price cut when they just bundle the same device with some more gear and then ask the same price. You’ll be able to get yours in Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America starting November."