sábado, outubro 22, 2005

Warner joins Blu-ray cabal, Toshiba reacts

"MOVIE GIANT Warner Bros joined the board of the Blu-ray Disc Association which said that the firm will release a whole chunk of films using the Sony-led format.

That led the Toshiba-led HD DVD cabal to react by saying it continued to work with Warner Bros, and to claim the Blu-ray group will adopt features already in its technical portfolio.

The Association also quoted Bob Chapek, president of 20th Century Fox as saying: "These latest developments are the categorical shift needed to avoid a format war and insure (sic) the successful launch of Blu-ray." He said the real winner will be the consumer as a single format comes to market with the dominant support of both the hardware and software industries.

We wonder what Intel and Microsoft have to say about that.

The Blu-ray mob also quoted Jim Cardwell, president of Warner Home VIdeo, saying that will give consumers the ability to enjoy a wide array of releases from its library.

But Toshiba said that it was understable for Warner Bros to listen to a wide array of opinions and "to continue to make technical evaluations of each format".

Toshiba continued: "We are more than confident this will not affect timely introduction of HD DVD content to the market."

It continued: "Voices from within the Blu-ray camp have recently called for adoption of key features already in HD DVD," including iHD and Mandatory Managed Copy which allows "secure DVD ripping".

DVD ripping has more than one meaning, however, and while Toshiba said in its statement the "HD DVD format will eventually win broad support as the more superior format," we believe as we've said before that Hollywood is in a not so subtle way suggesting the two camps stop squabbling before it's too late."



Com as previsões e estatisticas feitas por grandes empresas a darem a vitoria ao Blu-ray, é normal que grandes impresas apostem neste novo formato.