sábado, outubro 22, 2005

World of Warcraft expansion details leaked

"DETAILS of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade, have been leaked.

In a lengthy post on wowguru's forum, a user named Spybot has divulged the details of Blizzard's expansion ten days before publicly due to be announced. Already Joystiq is reporting here, that while insiders have confirmed much of the information in the post as planned, the final version may reflect changes.

That said, there certainly is plenty of information in the post, including the new playable races to feature, the Blood Elves will feature as the new race for the Horde, while the Alliance will now sport the Draenei. Details of both are available within the post itself, here.

There will also be a new class available in the form of Spell Breaker. The essence of the class seems to tend towards the use of magic cast by opponents for your gain or to harm them and reversals. Alongside the new class come new areas, including an island starting point for trolls and a gnome area. The goblin undermine has been opened and has become the new hub of neutral transportation.

The big news is that the level cap has now been increased to 75, and many new instances added to cater to players reaching this high. At this stage many are still rubbishing some of the claims made while most are being accepted. However if this is just a planned list then it is easy to see how the actual release could differ. Regardless of what happens, Blizzard's announcement of the content will be on October 29th."



Como sempre e devido à grande comunidade de fans saiem sempre coisas ca para fora que não deviam sair. Verificou-se isso com o Half Life 2 em que saiu todo o tipo de rumores e videos, até um mp3 em que continha todos os dialogos das personagens do jogo ate ao fim do mesmo o que faria prever o desenrolar de toda a acção.
Isto irá sempre acontecer, e as produtoras so têm de tomar medidas e tentar com que não hajam fugas como esta. Quem se aproveita dos erros de segurança também deveria ser castigado pois ta a transmitir informações sem ordem para isso. É uma lei complicada esta, mas que devia ser revista e aplicada.