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"" Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (Ps2)

The best football game of the world. It's beautifull, amazing and real

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"" Review: Football Manager 2006

My Favourite football manager game finally comes out.

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"" Review: 30GB iPod with video

One of my future products.

Good Review By PlayList:

Microsoft Patch Problems Continue

"Some Windows 2000 users could be unprotected even with recent patch."

"Windows users continue to experience problems with Microsoft's latest round of security patches. This time a problem with a critical patch relating to Microsoft's DirectShow streaming media software is leaving some Windows 2000 users unprotected, even after they've installed a patch.

Windows 2000 users who have installed Microsoft DirectX version 8 or 9 may not have actually fixed their software by installing Microsoft Security Update MS05-050, Microsoft said in a statement posted Thursday to the company's Web site.

The patch, called an "update" by Microsoft, was released October 11 as part of the company's monthly security software fixes. It addresses a problem in DirectShow that could allow an attacker to seize control of an unpatched system. The attacker would first need to trick a user into visiting a Web page via maliciously coded Web content--a banner advertisement, for example--in order for this to happen, Microsoft said.

No Notification
The problem with the patch is that users of Microsoft DirectX 8 or 9 who may have accidentally installed the patch written for DirectX 7 will still be subject to the underlying vulnerability, and they will not be notified of this fact, the statement said.

Only a "limited" number of customers have been affected by this problem; customers who received Update MS05-050 automatically or who correctly followed the steps in Microsoft's security bulletin will not be affected, Microsoft said in a statement provided by its public relations agency.

This is the second problem Microsoft has had with the October 11 patches. Last week some users ran into a variety of technical problems when they attempted to install a separate Security Update, MS05-051.

Directions for determining whether or not a Windows 2000 system has been correctly updated can be found here.

Microsoft executives were not available to comment on this story."



Cada vez mais triste e inadmissivel aquilo que acontece. A Microsoft mais uma vez mostra aquilo que vale, não conseguindo resolver um problema que ja tinha sido verificado uma semana antes.

Sony announces PSP Giga Pack

"Don’t get all excited here, this isn’t the PSP with the integrated hard drive we’ve all been lusting after. No, Sony’s Giga Pack is far less interesting—the PSP is now being bundled with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, a small stand, and the other usual suspects like USB cable, remote and earphones, slip-in case, etc. This does indeed make things easier (and cheaper) for those annoyed at having to spend a couple bucks in the regular PSP Value Pack bundle for the 32MB card when they’re just going to drop an extra $80 or $90 on the one gig card. Their listed price is ¥29,800 (about $250), which we’re hoping isn’t as much of a price cut as we’re going to see on the system for this coming holiday season—especially since it’s not really a price cut when they just bundle the same device with some more gear and then ask the same price. You’ll be able to get yours in Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America starting November."


Kojima working on Rev game?

"Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is currently hard at work on a new game for Nintendo's next-gen console.

That's according to US magazine Game Informer - the latest issue of which features an article on how the Revolution was received at the Tokyo Game Show last month.
The article argues that there's a worrying lack of third party support for the hardware so far, but continues: "Despite these concerns, developers we talked to at TGS were very positive about the new controller.

"Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is already working on a project for Revolution, being done by the Metal Gear Acid team."

And that's not all - Game Informer reckons the game will be an all-new title, and nothing to do with the Metal Gear series.

Kojima, you may recall, was seen praising the new "freestyle" controller in a video shown at TGSas part of Satoru Iwata's keynote presentation.

"This was totally unexpected," Kojima said, adding: "Even though it was a surprise to me at first, I quickly understood how it should be used."

So clearly he's a fan of Nintendo's new innovation, but a big enough fan to get personally involved with a new game for the Rev? Well, he should have a bit of spare time on his hands once Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is complete - providing he really is planning to retire from the series, of course."


xBox 360 May Be Juicy Target For Hackers

"Even game consoles are under attack by hackers, a security company noted Friday. But although the current crop poses little risk to the average player, the next generation may if attackers decide to take on the Internet-centric xBox 360, Microsoft's next game machine.
Panda Software said that over the last several days, it has tracked a trio of Trojans that aimed to reduce Sony's PSP (PlayStation Portable) and the Nintendo DS game consoles into expensive bricks.

The three pieces of malware -- Format.a, Tahen.a, and Tahen.b -- pose as tools to run unsigned code (games that have been cracked, and then illegally copied) on the PSP or as homemade applications for the Nintendo. When users install them, however, the Trojans overwrite portions of the consoles' firmware -- the software embedded in the machines) and make then unusable.
While that may sound vicious -- rival security firm F-Secure posted a 14MB
video file of a PSP being infected, and obliterated -- it's not as dangerous as it sounds, Panda said.

"Videogame consoles are not designed for using third-party software," said Luis Corrons, the director of Panda's research labs, in a statement. "In order for the malicious codes detected so far to reach one of these consoles, users would have to voluntarily run applications from unauthorized sources. Remember that just as with PCs, downloading and running software from dubious sources is always a serious security risk."

Soon, however, the risk to gamers may get a boost from the xBox 360, the Microsoft console expected to ship next month.

xBox 360 is much more Internet-centric than other consoles," argued Patrick Hinojosa, the chief technology officer of Panda, in an interview. "It has a lot more online capabilities, and because of that I think that malicious code will be more prevalent than on other systems."
While he doesn't see a risk in the xBox 360-Windows XP Media Center connection -- the two devices don't share a similar operating system -- Hinojosa expects that hackers will post code online disguised, for instance, as a game crack. "It may not happen in the immediate future, but I think it's a potential danger," he said.

In part, the fact that xBox has a Microsoft nameplate will draw attackers. "There's a certain segment of people who just don't like Microsoft, and the numbers in the black hat [hacker] community are even greater."



Tudo o que se liga à net.. e tudo o que é informática, nunca terá a salvo dos hackers.

Gates on Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

"As the war between the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray camps continues, Bill Gates has revealed that he favours neither next-gen format - since in the future we'll be so busy downloading things and polishing our 900GB iPods that we'll have forgotten what "discs" of any kind look like.

In a speech delivered to a packed crowd at Washington DC's Howard University, Gates stated: “The format that’s under discussion right now, HD versus Blu-ray, that’s simply the last physical format we’ll ever have."

"Even videos in the future will either be on a disk in your pocket or over the Internet, and therefore far more convenient for you.”

This might go some way to explaining why Microsoft decided not to put HD-DVD capabilities in the Xbox 360 - despite the fact that the Redmond giant has already come out in support of the format.

Although it's possible that a HD-DVD expansion could be released in the future - indeed, Gates himself has previously suggested that future versions of the Xbox 360 could include a HD-DVD drive - his comments seem to reaffirm the company's commitment to digital distribution of entertainment via services such as Xbox Live.

However, Gates went on to concede that there were major obstacles to be overcome before digital distribution became widespread, such as getting broadband into more homes - at present, half of Americans with an Internet connection still use dial-up."


Warner joins Blu-ray cabal, Toshiba reacts

"MOVIE GIANT Warner Bros joined the board of the Blu-ray Disc Association which said that the firm will release a whole chunk of films using the Sony-led format.

That led the Toshiba-led HD DVD cabal to react by saying it continued to work with Warner Bros, and to claim the Blu-ray group will adopt features already in its technical portfolio.

The Association also quoted Bob Chapek, president of 20th Century Fox as saying: "These latest developments are the categorical shift needed to avoid a format war and insure (sic) the successful launch of Blu-ray." He said the real winner will be the consumer as a single format comes to market with the dominant support of both the hardware and software industries.

We wonder what Intel and Microsoft have to say about that.

The Blu-ray mob also quoted Jim Cardwell, president of Warner Home VIdeo, saying that will give consumers the ability to enjoy a wide array of releases from its library.

But Toshiba said that it was understable for Warner Bros to listen to a wide array of opinions and "to continue to make technical evaluations of each format".

Toshiba continued: "We are more than confident this will not affect timely introduction of HD DVD content to the market."

It continued: "Voices from within the Blu-ray camp have recently called for adoption of key features already in HD DVD," including iHD and Mandatory Managed Copy which allows "secure DVD ripping".

DVD ripping has more than one meaning, however, and while Toshiba said in its statement the "HD DVD format will eventually win broad support as the more superior format," we believe as we've said before that Hollywood is in a not so subtle way suggesting the two camps stop squabbling before it's too late."



Com as previsões e estatisticas feitas por grandes empresas a darem a vitoria ao Blu-ray, é normal que grandes impresas apostem neste novo formato.

Carmack reaffirms love for 360

"id Software legend John Carmack has gone on record once again to express his love for Microsoft's next-gen console, claiming: "Xbox 360 has far and away the best development tools."

In a television interview shown on US channel G4tv, Carmack said: "I make little nitpicky decisions about say, well, I prefer the symmetric approach that MS has over the asymmetric Cell approach, but you can do great games on either one of them.

"I make fundamental decisions based on development tools and depth of documentation, which Microsoft has been superior on," he continued.

On the subject of whether the 360 is superior to the PS3, Carmack described the hardware as "comparable", but conceded: "PS3 is probably marginally more powerful, in terms of raw flops and graphic operations."

But "That's not really the best way to look at things," he went on.

"When you look at these development cycles that stretch over years and years, being 20 per cent easier to develop on is much more important than being 20 per cent more powerful."
This isn't the first time Carmack has extolled the virtues of the 360's development tools - he made similar comments at the QuakeCon event in August, and also praised the PS3's open environment for development.

Carmack is currently hard at work on a brand new game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 - but there's still no word on a title or release date. We'll bring you more news as soon as we get it..."



É normal que Carmack (que admiro muito) venha dizer a publico que prefere a xbox360. Pertence à Microsoft uma empresa que sempre "lhe lambeu os pés" e que sempre deu todo o apoio, utilizou e investiu nas suas grandes engines. Ja tive uma conversa sobre isto com um amigo no mIRC e realmente cheguei a conclusão que daqui a uns anos e quando se souber a quantidade de coisas sobre a ps3 que se sabe agora sobre a xbox360 Carmack poderá apresentar um discurso diferente. Veremos...

World of Warcraft expansion details leaked

"DETAILS of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade, have been leaked.

In a lengthy post on wowguru's forum, a user named Spybot has divulged the details of Blizzard's expansion ten days before publicly due to be announced. Already Joystiq is reporting here, that while insiders have confirmed much of the information in the post as planned, the final version may reflect changes.

That said, there certainly is plenty of information in the post, including the new playable races to feature, the Blood Elves will feature as the new race for the Horde, while the Alliance will now sport the Draenei. Details of both are available within the post itself, here.

There will also be a new class available in the form of Spell Breaker. The essence of the class seems to tend towards the use of magic cast by opponents for your gain or to harm them and reversals. Alongside the new class come new areas, including an island starting point for trolls and a gnome area. The goblin undermine has been opened and has become the new hub of neutral transportation.

The big news is that the level cap has now been increased to 75, and many new instances added to cater to players reaching this high. At this stage many are still rubbishing some of the claims made while most are being accepted. However if this is just a planned list then it is easy to see how the actual release could differ. Regardless of what happens, Blizzard's announcement of the content will be on October 29th."



Como sempre e devido à grande comunidade de fans saiem sempre coisas ca para fora que não deviam sair. Verificou-se isso com o Half Life 2 em que saiu todo o tipo de rumores e videos, até um mp3 em que continha todos os dialogos das personagens do jogo ate ao fim do mesmo o que faria prever o desenrolar de toda a acção.
Isto irá sempre acontecer, e as produtoras so têm de tomar medidas e tentar com que não hajam fugas como esta. Quem se aproveita dos erros de segurança também deveria ser castigado pois ta a transmitir informações sem ordem para isso. É uma lei complicada esta, mas que devia ser revista e aplicada.

Call of Duty 2 trailer

New trailer of Call of Duty 2 now available for download.

Get it here:

Call of Duty 2 is due out this autumn.

HP says change Blu-ray or we will go HD-DVD

"MAKER of printer ink HP is threatening that unless there is a change to the new Blu-ray standard it may support HD-DVD.

HP has been backing Blu-ray from the beginning, but as the standards war between the two standards hots up, HP says it wants Blu-ray to include more features for PC makers and users.
Maureen Weber, general manager of personal storage in HP's personal systems group said that was not the same thing as withdrawing support for Blu-ray, but she said the company was serious that these technologies should be included in the standard.

She told Reuters that if in the end, they're supported in one and then not the other, HP will "have to make a choice".

One of the things HP wants is mandatory managed copy, which allows users to copy high-definition movies onto PCs from discs and distribute them on home networks.

Another is a feature called iHD, which provides for new interactive features and is slated to be implemented in Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system.

Not surprisingly the call has the backing of Microsoft. More here."



Por aqui ve-se bem os planos da Microsoft e os seus medos. Esta chamada da HP por parte da M$ mostrou que nem tudo é bom no HD DVD e que precisa de alguns apoios gigantes para conseguir triunfar, algo que as melhores estatiscas já fizeram crer que não vai acontecer. Noutra recente estatistica de Forrest voltou-se a dizer que o Blu-Ray terá um grande avanço sobre o formato da microsoft e da toshiba e o público irá sentir isso.

Firefox sees 100 millionth download

"Just shy of Firefox's first birthday party, the Mozilla Foundation celebrated the 100 millionth download of its Web browser Wednesday."

"Mozilla has seen steady adoption of its browser since its release last November. After a somewhat higher download rate immediately following its release, the browser has settled into between 200,000 and 300,000 downloads a day, said Asa Dotzler, the Mozilla liaison to the SpreadFirefox community.

"This is a great milestone. Our massive, worldwide community of grassroots marketers and users--not to mention the developers--have helped to put out a product that's really kicking butt," he said.

Firefox has enjoyed an enthusiastic user base the likes of which few companies in the tech industry experience. Thousands of volunteers help spread the word about the browser, participate in free support forums and discussion lists, and scour its code for flaws.

But the browser hasn't been without its problems. The number of reported security holes in Firefox continues to grow, and Symantec recently released a hotly contested report claiming that Mozilla browsers saw more reported vulnerabilities than Microsoft's Internet Explorer in the first half of 2005. In what could be construed as a shift in attitude toward the browser, its marketing Web site,, was brought down by hackers just last week.

However, the open nature of the Mozilla browsers allows the group to respond to new security threats quickly, and these developments haven't stunted adoption. If anything, Dotzler said, the company has seen a slight uptick in the past two months, which he attributed to new interest in other browsers and a renewed buzz surrounding the upcoming Firefox 1.5 release. If announcements of new security issues affected consumer adoption, it did so in both directions, Dotzler said. "When there's good press or bad press, people look at their overall browsing experience and look at ways to improve it, which can open them up to new browsers."

News of the milestone came on the same day that Netscape released an updated version of its browser, which is based on Firefox software and includes all patches that have been put forth to address security holes to date. Netscape recently made inroads in the browser war with a landmark deal in which Hewlett-Packard agreed to ship its consumer PCs and notebooks loaded with the browser.

While Internet Explorer is still the clear leader in the battle of the browsers, Firefox didn't get to enjoy its underdog status for long. Opera is gunning for Firefox's second-place seat, releasing an ad-free version of its free Web browser last month. The company said its download rate has quadrupled as a result.

But competition hasn't dampened the celebratory spirit among Firefox's users. For the 50 millionth download, a group at Oregon State University marked the occasion by painting a 30-foot Firefox logo on the school's quad under the cover of night. In honor of the 100 millionth milestone, they are reportedly planning to launch a weather balloon called Firefox 1. hosted a contest to see who could guess the exact minute that the 100 millionth download would take place. The site is also hosting a page featuring photos of users in front of the site's celebration page.

And as Dotzler said, Wednesday is a day of celebration. On Thursday, they'll get back to work on version 1.5, the first release of which should ship in about two weeks."




Finally, electronic paper big enough to use

"Start-up E Ink and LG.Philips LCD have created an "electronic paper" display measuring 10.1 inches across, the biggest one ever made, and the latest step toward the dream of e-books and magazines, according to the companies. "

"The prototype screen measures less than 300 microns thick, making it about as thin and flexible as construction paper. Letters and images that appear on it resemble characters and pictures printed with ordinary ink on paper, the companies said. The screen can also be rolled up.

The screens developed by E Ink rely on microcapsules that consist of oppositely charged black and white pigments floating in a clear fluid. The pigments rise or fall in the fluid, depending on an electrical charge. Thousands of microcapsules sandwiched between a piece of steel foil and a piece of clear plastic become the dots that form a black and white page. Unlike liquid crystal displays (LCDs), they don't need to be backlit for an image to be visible.

The thin display will not break like glass, the companies added. Sony has incorporated screens based on E Ink's technology in its
Librie e-book. Intel and Philips are investors. (LG.Philips is a joint venture between South Korea's LG Electronics and Philips of the Nethelands.)

The prototype offers a resolution of 600 by 800, similar to CRT computer monitors and has a 10:1 contrast ratio. It was built on a test production line at LG.Philips, one of the biggest LCD manufacturers in the world.

The display will be shown at the FPD International trade show in Japan later this year."



It's the future.

Eragon Promo Reveals First Pictures

"Fansite Shur'tugal has scanned and posted a fold-out promo for 20th Century Fox's Eragon that appeared in Variety on Thursday. In addition to the previously-seen images from the official website, the fold-out included an entire page of pictures of the cast members in character.

Directed by Stefen Fangmeier, the December 15, 2006 release stars Ed Speleers, John Malkovich, Jeremy Irons, Djimon Hounsou, Robert Carlyle, Sienna Guillory and Garrett Hedlund.

The film is based on the Christopher Paolini-penned bestselling fantasy novel about a youth whose discovery of a dragon egg leads him to become a knight and battle an evil king. The medieval-set tale revolves around a farm boy who learns he is the last of a breed of benevolent Dragon Riders, whose magical powers derived from their bond with the beasts.

Click here to view the various scans"


Quake 4 "" Review

For me the best review of this fantastic game.

Check it at:


Para mim este torna-se um jogo que irá concerteza fazer com que muita gente fique colada ao ecran por uns bons anos a nivel de multiplayer. Lindo de morrer, com gráficos que me fazem arrepiar e com uma engine do nosso senhor Carmack.
Tendo jogado um pouco e sabendo da realidade dos grande jogadores de Q3 espero que este se torne um grande meio de ligas e torneios online. Se isto vier a acontecer, poderão ver o nick Blaked (mine) em alguns dos servidores deste novo jogo.

10 million PSPs served worldwide

"Sony's widescreen handheld reaches a new milestone as the fastest shipping PlayStation machine in history."

"TOKYO--Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that its PlayStation Portable has shipped 10 million cumulative units worldwide as of this morning. A shipment of 10 million units within just 10 months of launch is the fastest penetration speed for a PlayStation gaming machine in history.

Broken down by territory, Sony has sent 3 million units to Japan and Asia (launch date: December 12, 2004), 4.47 million units to North America (launch date: March 24, 2005), and 2.53 million units to Europe and other PAL regions (launch date: September 1, 2005).
However, the system's software-to-hardware ratio leaves much to be desired, as SCE disclosed that it has shipped 19.6 million PSP games as of September, a tie ratio of less than two games per unit. It seems the machine is being used for watching UMD movies almost as much as playing games, as shipments of video titles on the proprietary format exceeded 15 million units as of September.

A newly announced
Giga Pack with a 1GB memory stick could spur sales of the hardware this holiday season, while portable versions of popular console franchises like SSX, X-Men Legends, Virtua Tennis, Prince of Persia, and WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw could improve the ratio of game-to-hardware shipments. "


Uma destas 10.000.000 PSP's é minha e sei bem o quanto me custou para a ter. Apesar de ser um grande número, esta quantidade ainda não apresenta lucro para o investimento da Sony diz a propria empresa, e é normal que o seja visto que nem era objectivo da Sony lucrar mas sim entrar no mundo das consolas portateis para no futuro lucrar sim com isso. Não efrentou de modo algum a Nintendo DS pois são completamente distintas e para fins completamente diferentes. A unica semelhança são os video-jogos.

quinta-feira, outubro 20, 2005

Rockstar bites back at the critics

"Losers in life don't want to lose in games too"

"Creative vice-president of Rockstar Games, Dan Houser, has spoken out about the criticism the company has received for games with violent content.

Houser told the New York Times he thought critics of the gaming industry skewed the way people perceive games. "Certainly, he said, "it's frustrating when people don't wish to understand what you do and don't wish to learn.

"Anyone who plays any of our games and wishes to criticise it, having played it, experienced it and thought about it, they are of course welcome to do that. But when large numbers of people criticise something and haven't even done it, it's very frustrating. There's a large amount of the population that lives in relative ignorance and only hears scary stories about what we do," he added.

Beyond criticising the critics, Houser did grant the interview on the premise that he be asked about upcoming release, The Warriors. He claims it to be a fighting game for people who have been driven away from hard-core fighting games by "15-year-old idiot savants with incredibly good hand-eye co-ordination."

People get turned off of games, he said because "repeated failures aren't appealing to them - because that's what the rest of their life is like. People aren't playing a game because they want to fail, and we need to understand that."
While Houser went on to claim that games will become an accepted part of culture in what he called, "a function of time" it is interesting to note that Governor Schwarzenegger once played a villain named Houser in the ultra gory Total Recall."



Nada a dizer, totalmente de acordo. Ja disse mais ou menos isto num post anterior, e so fala em contrario aqueles que têm algo a ganhar com isso ou então desconhecem completamente o mundo dos video-jogos.

Ubi to publish Faces of War

"The PC real-time strategy title formerly known as Outfront II has picked up a publisher in the shape of Ubisoft - and a new name to boot.

Faces of War is a squad-based RTS set in Europe during WWII that puts you in charge of commanding American, English, Soviet and German troops. The game features real-life conflicts, such as the Normandy Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge, all rendered "in shocking detail".
We're promised super-advanced AI, too - soldiers will think about the best way to execute the orders you give them, rather than just ploughing straight in. Which means the game "Takes combat gaming to a new level by integrating a psychological element," apparently. It's being developed by Ukrainian studio Best Way, also responsible for the award-winning Soldiers: Heroes of World War II.

Ubisoft has already released some new screenshots for the game, which is due to hit the shelves in March. "



Parece-me um jogo bastante interessante e com um visual que me agrada bastante. Sempre gostei de jogos de estratégia com um visual "á la Comandos".
Interessante não so pelo grafismo claro mas pelo que se fala sobre o jogo e suas funcionalidades e caracteristicas.

quarta-feira, outubro 19, 2005

DOOM movie sequel?

"With the DOOM movie set to do Hellish things in the US this Friday (probably), key cast members including The Rock, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike have started talking about the possibility of a sequel - and while producers John Wells and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are reticent when it comes to the question of what happens next (or so they claim - it doesn't appear to have stopped them gassing about it), it sounds like there's a decent amount of enthusiasm for the idea.

Urban and Pike play brother and sister team John and Samantha Grimm in the film, which opens in the UK on December 2nd. Pike seems most keen - openly claiming she's signed on for more and adding that next time she wants a gun.

Meanwhile, Wells says "we have nothing planned" but adds that there was talk of the possibility during the shoot. "We would love to do another picture with [the film's star The Rock]," he added, "and if he wanted to do the next Doom, I'm sure we could figure it out." As for The Rock himself: "We've talked about it, and it's possible." Nice one Dwayne.

The film, directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak working off a Dave Callaham script, has yet to be reviewed very widely, but IGN FilmForce claims that it's the best videogame adaptation yet - arguing that the action (including a fairly direct homage to the game) is more important than the story and acting, which aren't exactly brilliant. We're not exactly sure why they kept the Mars setting but decided to go with evil mutant monsters, either. Hell's been frozen out, never mind over.
Lorenzo di Bonaventura, finally, argues, "You can't start thinking about a sequel before a picture even opens," before inevitably doing just that. "That's why we ended on a surprise. We went with the best ending, and we know the audience is very sophisticated." Tsk.
Presumably the question of whether or not there's a sequel will owe at least something to the quality of the film and its reception. Bahahaha. Yeah right. Anyway - we'll probably let you know what we think of the film, but not on December 2nd. We're busy that night, what with it being Xbox 360 launch day in Europe. Tiiiiiming!"



Por mim mais um fime Doom será sempre bem vindo, visto que gosto muito deste genero de filmes e sempre gostei do jogo para PC. Quanto mais.. melhor, mas com qualidade.

Forrester: Blu-ray winning drawn-out format war

"Sony's Blu-ray format for next-generation DVD drives will win over Toshiba's rival HD DVD format, analyst firm Forrester predicted Wednesday--but it won't be a quick victory. "

"After a long and tedious run-up to the launch, it is now clear to Forrester that the Sony-led Blu-ray format will win," Ted Schadler, a Forrester analyst, said in a report. "But unless the HD DVD group abandons the field, it will be another two years before consumers are confident enough of the winner to think about buying a new-format DVD player."

Also on Wednesday,
Blu-ray backer Hewlett-Packard said it has appealed to the group to incorporate two HD DVD features: mandatory "managed copy," which will mean consumers will always be allowed to copy movies to their computers' hard drives, and iHD, a Microsoft-designed technology for interactive features.

But Blu-ray has several advantages that will h
elp it win the day, Schadler said. HD DVD is a one-trick pony for video playback, but Blu-ray is also designed for games and computers, he said. Indeed, its inclusion in millions of Sony's next-generation video game consoles is a factor. And when former HD DVD loyalist Paramount endorsed Blu-ray, it shifted the movie studio momentum. Finally, although Blu-ray manufacturing will cost a little more initially, it offers more capacity and employs a proven technology, Java, for interactive features.
But unless the HD DVD camp throws in the towel--a move Schadler recommended--the victory will be slow in coming. "Consumers will postpone a decision until the winner is obvious. The war between Betamax and VHS trained a generation of consumers to be wary of competing formats. Many consumers were caught with an expensive device that couldn't play the movies available at the video store," Schadler said.

Also slowing things down: The image quality of today's DVD is good enough that most people won't be itching to switch until high-definition TV is much more widespread.

The arrival of powerful networks has added a new twist to the situation, Schadler said. "The irony of this format war is that it comes at the tail end of the century-long era of physical media." Increasingly, people order movies on demand or watch Internet video.

In the computing industry, Schadler's prediction doesn't bode well for Intel and Microsoft, which allied themselves with HD DVD in September. Days after, Intel's two main PC chip customers, Dell and HP, reaffirmed their Blu-ray commitment.
Based on discussions with Panasonic, which has a pilot Blu-ray manufacturing plant in Torrance, Calif., Schadler believes HD DVDs will be only "pennies per disc" cheaper to build once Blu-ray manufacturing hits full speed.

Technologies such as Intel's forthcoming Viiv and Microsoft's Media Center help put PCs at the center of consumers' electronic entertainment gear, so it's no surprise the companies want the managed copy feature required by HD DVD. But studios are likely to prefer Blu-ray because it "allows...a higher level of copy protection," Schadler said.



Contradizendo aquilo que Bill Gates disse à uns dias atrás.. as melhores estatisticas dão vantagem ao formato Blu-ray. E realmente não vejo razão para não acontecer visto que este formato tem tudo de melhor em relação ao seu opositor directo HD DVD.

360 peripherals in store, announced

"Microsoft's PC/Xbox 360 controller now available; Joytech reveals racing wheel, control center, controller, faceplates."

"The Xbox 360 is little more than a month away, and much of the focus of the media has been on the console's games. However, the new technology doesn't just mean more lustrous light blooms or sparkly new particle effects. A whole new line of peripherals is in line for the system, and some peripherals are already in stores.

Reports on the Web yesterday shocked gamers when it was revealed that some common folk already had their hands on an Xbox 360 controller. What's more, these controllers were purchased from regular retailers--no sneaking into media events and no nepotism necessary.

A controller for a system that pretty much doesn't exist yet--as the Xbox 360 will be available on November 22 in North America--would seem to be nothing more than a pretty package of buttons and wires. Turns out this "stick" is a cross-platform peripheral, which works on both the console and the PC.

"For the first time, gamers can simply unplug their controller from their Xbox 360 system and plug it in to their Windows XP-based PC," said Chris Donahue, director of the Windows gaming and graphics team at Microsoft. "This is a great breakthrough for the gaming industry, as we make it easier for developers to create multiplatform titles."

The Xbox 360 Controller for Windows from Microsoft is now available in stores for $39.99. To use the controller with a PC, users need only install a driver, which comes included in the box or can be downloaded from the Windows Update and Microsoft Hardware sites. However, it will be able to plug directly in to the 360 with no installation.

Joytech will also outfit the 360 with a line of launch peripherals. In addition to its own take on the console's controller, the company will also release faceplates, a racing wheel, and an A/V control center. The products are expected to be in stores this November in North America and Europe.

The Neo Se Controller ($29.99) is a wired controller complete with ergonomic design and a backlit Xbox Guide button for access to the 360's dash. The Nitro Racing Wheel ($79.99) features four wheel-mounted paddles, a sequential stick shift, and four levels of steering sensitivity. The Control Center ($99.99) keeps wires in order as a hub for audio and visual components. A backlit LCD screen shows which ports are in use, and a remote control allows for electronic switching from the couch. Joytech will also be releasing a number of faceplates for the Xbox 360 in single ($9.99) and double packs ($14.99). "



Uma boa vantagem deste comando da Xbox360 é o facto de ser compativel com o PC, o que o faz ficar com uma longevidade bem acima da media para um comando sem fios. Para mim é sem duvida mais bonito que o da Ps3. Qual dos dois será mais confortavel? Isso se verá..

terça-feira, outubro 18, 2005

Wooksung Internet phone with 7-inch display

"Wooksung Electronics (Korea) have announced a new 7-inch Internet phone for video calls and surfing the web. Connect a USB keyboard and mouse and you can even use it for “simple word processing.” Deets are limited but you can expect this, like other Wooksung Internet phones, to sport 30fps video, a touch screen, a whole slew of A/V and network connectivity ports, and compatibility with other Internet connected devices supporting H.323 or SIP. In other words, you’ll be able to buy/use it outside of Korea. But let’s wait for more details (such as price) before we all hold hands singing kumbaya, dig?"



Quando tinha os meus 6 anos, dizia que o futuro dos telefones seriam como este. Parece que acertei. Lol

Microsoft Refreshes Vista Beta

"Microsoft has released a new version of its Windows Vista beta code that sheds some light on how the software giant plans to improve networking and PC manageability in this next major release of the Windows operating system. The new release also gives testers an early look at some important new features for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7.0 browser.

The Vista beta software was released to Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program customers late last week. A broader Community Technology Preview (CTP) release of the software was delivered Monday to the approximately 500,000 Microsoft Developer Network, TechNet developer program and Windows Vista Technical Testing Program members.

Series of Updates
Microsoft released its first beta version of Windows Vista in July and then followed up with a CTP update at its Professional Developers Conference in September. With this third release, the company has focused on features that would matter most to technical users, said Mike Burk, product manager for the Windows client team at Microsoft.

"What we tried to do this time was look at it from the perspective of people who were most likely to use this," he said.

New diagnostic software will be able to detect and resolve problems in the computer's memory or on the hard drive. For example, it will be able to warn users whenever the hard drive begins to show signs of failing, Burk said. "The PC is able to diagnose problems before they become full-blown problems," he said.

The latest beta code also includes a feature called Network Center, which allows users to store and manage their network settings in one centralized location. Network Center, which will be part of the Windows Control Panel, will consolidate a number of the Windows configuration and troubleshooting tools, Burk said.

Revamping Explorer
The new Internet Explorer code will expose Vista testers to some new browser features, including Quick Tabs, which displays thumbnail versions of tabbed pages in a single window, and Tab Groups, a feature that allows users to save a set of tabbed pages into a single group within the browser's "Favorites" list. Users could, for example, set Internet Explorer to open this group of tabbed pages every time the browser was launched.
The IE 7 beta will also be able to zoom in and out of Web pages and feature a phishing filter as well as improved printing capabilities.

Other New Features
Also included in the October CTP release are the following:
Windows Mobility Center -- Located in the Control Panel, this feature gives users a single place to set things like display brightness, power utilization, and other options important to mobile users.

Media Player 11 -- A first look at the new interface and features of the upcoming version of Microsoft's media player.

Digital signatures for the XML Paper Specification (XPS) format -- Software that lets users digitally sign documents to make it more clear who actually created and modified the work.
Windows Vista is expected to ship sometime in the second half of 2006. In addition to the upcoming CTP releases, which will continue to be released about once a month, a "Windows Vista Beta 2" release is expected before the final product ships, Burke said. He would not say when the Beta 2 code is expected.

The next CTP release will be in November, he said."


GTA Trilogy dated for Europe

"Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy pack for Xbox will be released in Europe on November 4th, the publisher announced this week.
GTA The Trilogy include GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, although it doesn't appear to do anything else, like the dishes, or the legal legwork after you run over someone's cat with a traction engine and they get all bitchy. I'm not saying there's a link though - is there a link? Somebody should look into this."



Quem se atrasou pode agora comprar um 3 em 1 a um preço acessivel. É de aproveitar..

Microsoft said security problems caused Vista delay

"NEIL HOLLOWAY Microsoft’s president of EMEA, said that security was the reason that its Vista Longhorn product was delayed for a year.

And he said that one of the reasons it settled with Real rather than bought it was that its market share would then have been too big.

The firm got sidetracked because of security with the launch of Vista. Maybe Microsoft should have got security right five or 10 years back, he admitted.

Holloway said that Microsoft wasn’t that interested in big fishes. It wanted to acquire small, IP related companies in order to improve its own products.

He claimed that Microsoft will launch twice as many products in the next 12 months as it released in the last three years.

Microsoft, he said, has 3,000 patents which he believes is ‘superimportant’. It also has 370 products and 100,000 independent software vendors which write to its products.
He claimed that over the last 30 years one of the barriers was because of the hardware, but Microsoft now believes that’s not the problem any more. The problem is to exploit the hardware from a software perspective.

Microsoft isn’t hidebound by bureaucracy and isn’t an island of prosperity in Redmond which ignores the rest of the world, Holloway said.

The Vole spends $6 billion on R&D, and Holloway admitted that it had made mistakes. But, he said, Microsoft doesn’t give up but goes back again and again. He said the firm doesn’t get everything right.

He said that security is job zero for Microsoft. Microsoft is paranoid but takes criticism seriously and is willing to change.

The recent internal re-organisation addressed those criticisms. The re-organisation was a very important change because these presidents can make decisions, and not everything has to go back to Steve Ballmer or Bill Gates for an ultimate decision."



Será que finalmente iremos ter uma segurança de jeito no Windows? Tenho as minhas duvidas...

Grand Theft Auto returns

"A CENSORED version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is back on sale Down Under after its hidden sex scenes have been removed.

The new version has been given a clean bill of health from the Aussie Office of Film and Literature Classification and will be rated MA15+

The version of the game with the sex scenes caused some problems for the Aussie film censors which didn't have an R rating and had to ban it completely.

It seems that Aussies take a dim view of pixel sex, but are ok with mindless violence."



Num processo que para mim foi muito injusto para a RockStar Games, apareceu de novo o San Andreas limpo e sem codigo "ordinário".
Quanto a injustiça, explica dando o simples argumento que, o jogo jogado não tem qualquer cena de sexo explicito agora se o código o tem isso é la com eles porque quem o sabe decifrar ou quem instala patchs para o mostrar faz por sua conta não tendo nada haver com a RockStar.
Mas ja se sabe, nos EUA um minino mal é mais um processo no tribular... triste.

segunda-feira, outubro 17, 2005

Microsoft: Unauthorized Windows XP SP3 "Don't Install"

"Microsoft warned users to stay away from an unauthorized "preview" of Windows XP Service Pack 3, just as the site which hosts the collection updated the package to version 3.

"Anyone who installs this thinking they are getting SP3 (even as a preview) is being grossly mislead and is posing a significant potentially non-recoverable risk to their PC and data," wrote Mike Brannigan, who identified himself on a Microsoft newsgroup as an employee of the Redmond, Wash.-based developer.

Microsoft has not released an SP3 update to Windows XP, although it recently confirmed it would do so sometime after Windows Vista launches late in 2006. "



Eu sempre disse e recomendei a toda a gente a não instalar nada que não fosse oficial. Por alguma coisa existem as betas e essas sim podemos instalar sem males maiores, tendo em conta que ja foi feita a pensar em ser testada pelo publico. Neste aspecto o SP3 saiu sem qualquer reconhecimento oficial, logo podem ser irreversiveis os danos causados por esta versão "não autorizada".
Já nos habituamos aos erros e bugs das versões oficiais da Microsoft, quanto mais a versões vindas cá para fora ilegalmente.

AVS Forums: "Why Blu-Ray and HD DVD will fail"

"There is a good thread started over at AVS Forum concerning an opinion on why Blu-Ray and HD DVD will fail. Keep in mind that this is not our opinion here at HD Beat but rather an individual over at the very large forum site. The guy has some very good points and I happen to have the same overall concerns.
He states that they will fail for these 4 reasons

1. Public nonchalance
2. No set standard
3. Crippling DRM
4. Cost

I am not here to steal his thunder so venture over there to read his statements 'cause he does a good job of explaining his reasons. I hope he turns out to be wrong for all of us HD addicts, but he does have very valid points. What do you think: are both formats doomed to failure?"



É uma opinião como tantas outras existem. Apenas a achei interessante.. Se quiserem basta carregar nos links para ver o post dele e as suas ideias.

Bill Gates said Blu-ray is “very anti-consumer”

"We’re not going to get our panties in a bunch when Bill Gates knocks on Blu-ray, being that it’s pretty clear which camp Microsoft stands in right now (and why). But even him saying that Blu-ray is “very anti-consumer” isn’t super off when you think about it. Microsoft (and Intel, and a number of others) want “Managed Copy” AACS features enabled in next-gen media formats to enable moving content off your disc, and, say, onto your Portable Media Center or XP Media Center PC (also see: VIIV). HD DVD supports this feature, but the Blu-ray hasn’t officially required support for this, which means you might only be able to play your hi-def content off an actual disc. Gates went on to say that if they “would fix that one thing, you know, that’d be fine.” Ok, fair enough—Blu-ray peeps, you want to hook that up so we can all get on with our format war in an orderly way here?"



Mais uma vez a politica de marketing da Microsoft se releva. Mais uma vez a Microsoft tende a falar mal da sua principal opositora que a falar das propriedades da sua propria consola Xbox360.
Porque será?

Datels 4GB PSP drive tested and dissected

"For everyone who thought the Datel 4GB PSP Drive seemed too good (or suspect) to be true, import gaming giant Lik Sang gave it the once over after receiving a unit before their first shipment of the devices comes in. We really like the idea of Datel selling these things as a straight enclosure so we can roll our own drive (specifically a large capacity CF drive, for example), but make sure you’re not counting on more than 4GB of space if you’re going to buy and mod it—the PSP can’t address more than 4GB of Memory Stick memory, so you can’t exactly go nuts on the thing. Coming soon via LS for $200 cash money."



É preciso ter cuidado e saber o que se faz quando se compra algo mais valioso a nivel monetário. É quase impensável para alguns mas muito possivel no mundo da internet.. É normal que queiram ter um grande espaço de memória secundária na vossa PSP, mas não se esqueçam que esta não trabalha com mais de 4GB. Por isso se depararem-se com alguma venda de um disco que ultrapasse estes valores, não se enganem e não deitem dinheiro à rua.

MS talks PS3 launch dates

"Xbox UK boss Neil Thompson has confirmed that he is confident Microsoft will have a strong head start in the next-gen console battle, suggesting that the PS3 might not launch until spring 2007.

"I’ll be happy to compete whenever they turn up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not until spring 07," he told trade magazine MCV.

"If they hit Xmas 06, then maybe it’ll be a very thin launch; a launch in name only."
So far Sony has only hinted that the next-generation PlayStation will hit the market in spring 2006, and it seems unlikely that the company will follow in the footsteps of Microsoft and attempt a global launch. They're more likely to follow the traditional model and launch in Japan first, followed by North American and then PAL territories.

But just when will the console arrive in Europe? Autumn 2006 seems likely to be the earliest date, with a 2007 release still a distinct possibility. As for how much the console will cost, estimates continue to vary wildly, with some industry figures predicting that the PS3 could retail for as much as GBP 499. "



Parece que a Microsoft anda a querer falar dos outros para seu próprio ganho. Isso não se faz muito menos falando de coisas de que nem eles têm a certeza. No marketing feito pela Microsoft é bem visivel o desespero destes "meninos" que um dia ficaram surpreendidos com o Cell ship feito pela IBM e que será usado na Playstation 3.

New Hacker Targets: Cell Phones And PDAs

"There was a time when the biggest mobile computing risk was losing a laptop. How quickly things change. Cell phones, smart phones, and PDAs increasingly are being used to access business applications, E--mail, and the Internet. In sync with that trend are new security threats to mobile devices that store and distribute company information.

They're becoming victims of zombie attacks and other forms of hacking; malware; hybrid PC--mobile viruses like Comwarrior, Bluejacking, and Cabir; and spam. And for the first time, many businesses are finding they need plans for securing mobile devices, including what methods to use and rules for how devices can be used.

"Putting together policies and procedures to add security for a device ... is becoming a real challenge," said Larry Hardin, senior manager of communications in the IT group at food--service distributor Sysco Corp., during a session at last week's Mobile Business Expo in Chicago. The issue has come to a head at Sysco, Hardin said, as more traveling salespeople start using devices other than laptops. For easier management, Sysco requires that employees use only company--distributed mobile devices for work and has developed service--level agreements with all its wireless vendors."


Tudo o que se torna um pouco mais avançado nas novas tecnologias, pode ser "hackado". Já a muito tempo que se nota isso. E vejamos que não so nas tecnologias..
Vejamos o exemplo da roupa, as cópias chinesas de todas as marcas mais conhecidas e mais caras. Basta serem caras e conhecidas para poderem ser copiadas pois têm mais possibilidades de vender, tal como acontece nos telemóveis e algo mais avançado com uma maior procura.
Lembro-me neste caso de uma frase muito boa de alguém que ja não me lembro o nome que passo a citar: "Um computador seguro, é aquele que está desligado da internet, da tomada de electricidade e enterrado no chão a uns kilometros de profundidade."
Não será verdade?

Skype sees Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL as main threats

"Internet phone-calling phenomenon Skype, which was bought by online auction company eBay Inc. for almost $4 billion last week, said it sees computer giant Microsoft as one of its biggest potential rivals."

"I think the biggest threat to us is companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Time Warner's AOL, because their customer base is so big," Skype's Chief Executive and co-founder Niklas Zennstroem told a conference on Sunday.

Microsoft bought Teleo in August and Yahoo bought Dialpad earlier in the year in efforts to catch up with Skype's lead in the booming voice-over-Internet-protocol (VOIP) market.
Luxembourg-based Skype offers free computer-to-computer calls between Skype users. It charges for calls made from or to numbers outside the network.
The company has quadrupled in size over the last year and is adding 150,000 users per day. It now has 54 million users.

EBay is paying $2.5 billion plus another possible $1.4 billion if certain targets are met for Skype, which will allow it to add free Web telephone calls to its online auctions, smoothing the way for more deals to go through.

Zennstroem said he had thought long and hard about the sale to eBay and had talked to other potential buyers as well as considering an initial public offering before plumping for eBay, which promised Skype the most autonomy.

"EBay had a good record, especially with PayPal," Zennstroem said, referring to the online payment company eBay bought in 2002. "They don't want to disintegrate the company. They'll nourish it and allow it to grow."

Zennstroem confirmed that he had talks with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp before deciding to go with eBay. "We had meetings with a lot of companies. We met with News Corp, yes," he said.
Zennstroem said he saw growth possibilities in facilitating such services as live online translation.

"I'm convinced that over time pretty much all voice communication will be over the Internet," he said.

"Our objective is to change the way people communicate. In a few years' time the idea of paying for phone calls will seem very strange."



Tendo em conta e agora com uma visão mais positivista de acordo com estas declarações, poderemos nós brevemente fazer chamadas PC to Phone gratuitamente? Pode ser que sim, e assim, visto por este perisma, podemos dizer que o investimento do eBay so veio trazer coisas boas aos utilizadores do Skype...

domingo, outubro 16, 2005

Google Satellite Photos Worry India Leader

"Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam expressed concern Saturday about a free mapping program from Google Inc., warning it could help terrorists by providing satellite photos of potential targets."

"Google Earth, an Internet site launched in June this year, allows users to access overlapping satellite photos. Although not all areas are highly detailed, some images are very high resolution, and some show sensitive locations in various countries.
At a meeting of top police officials in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, Kalam said he worried that "developing countries, which are already in danger of terrorist attacks, have been singularly chosen" for providing high resolution images of their sites.
The governments of
South Korea and Thailand and lawmakers in the Netherlands have expressed similar concerns.
South Korean newspapers said Google Earth provides images of the presidential Blue House and military bases in the country, which remains technically at war with communist
North Korea. The North's main nuclear facility at Yongbyon is among sites in that country displayed on the service.
The Google site contains clear aerial photos of India's parliament building, the president's house and surrounding government offices in New Delhi. There are also some clear shots of Indian defense establishments.
Debbie Frost, spokewoman for Mountain View, Calif.-based Google, noted that the software uses information already available from public sources and the images displayed are about one to two years old, not shown in real time.
"Google takes governmental concerns about Google Earth and Google Maps very seriously. Google welcomes dialogue with governments, and we will be happy to talk to Indian authorities about any concerns they may have," Frost said in an e-mail statement Saturday.
Kalam, a scientist who guided India's missile program before becaming president, called for new laws to restrain dissemination of such material. He said existing laws in some countries regarding spatial observations of their territory and the United Nations recommendations on the practice are inadequate."


A cada dia que passa a nossa privacidade vai diminuindo com as novas tecnologias.. tal como um livro que li a tempos, ja escrito a uns bons 50 anos, a nossa vida muito brevemente será um autentico Big Brother. Seremos vistos ate nas coisas mais intimas.
Passando da parte da privacidade para o terrorismo... tudo o que pode ser interessante para uns pode ser usado para outros fins menos interessantes (para o mal). Tal como a bomba atomica que seria um grande avanço da ciencia, tornou-se naquilo que toda a gente viu.

eBay completes acquisition of Skype

"When eBay announced that they were going to acquire Skype for practically a fortune, the market was pretty surprised. Especially since eBay’s line of business totally contrast to what Skype does. However, eBay seems to have their plans set for the VoIP Company and has announced that the deal is finally over and they have formally taken over the company."

Tratando-se de um programa de grande sucesso entre os jogadores online e amigos que desejam algo mais que chat escrito, o Skype tem a funcionalidade de podermos falar por voz com uma qualidade dificil de encontrar em todos os outros programas VoIP. Qualidade, leve, ocupando pouca largura de banda são as razões para o sucesso de Skype.
Com a recente aposta do ebay poderemos então, secalhar, ver um maior investimento no skype em novas funcionalidades, ou então, uma "ganancia" propria destas empresas grandes como o ebay em tornar tudo pago para ganhar lucro a custa de um excelente programa feito por outros.
Esperemos então que este programa continue igual a si mesmo, e secalhar com mais alguns investimentos tornando-o melhor.


14 anos depois...

Parece estar na moda fazer-se história em Portugal. E mais uma vez, passada menos de uma semana desde que Pauleta bateu Eusébio nos melhores marcadores da selecção Portuguesa de futebol, foi a vez de Nuno Gomes marcar 2 golos no sempre dificil estádio do Dragão, garantindo assim a vitória do Benfica 14 anos depois.

Descrever este jogo como banho de bola Benfiquista seria ser fanático, mas na segunda parte quase que o chegou a ser. Uma primeira parte muito equilibrada com poucas oportunidades de golo, a melhor foi por Simão que num remate de cabeça faz passar a bola muito perto do poste direito de Vitor Baía que completava 46 anos. Uma noite infeliz para o aniversariante, visto que já na segunda parte.. estando o Benfica muito consistente na defesa e atacando com certeza nascem os dois golos de Nuno Gomes. Primeiro a centro de Nelson, uma autentica falha da defensiva portista deixando o avançado do Benfica sozinho, cabeceando a bola para o fundo da baliza. Já o segundo golo nasceu dos pés de Karyaka que por sua vez entrou muito bem na partida, mostrando que vale mais do que um lugar no banco, esperou pela desmarcação de Geovanni que em centro rasteiro tenso e após outra falha defensiva deixa Nuno Gomes sozinho para encostar.

Não há muito mais para contar, uma vitória justa num jogo que não deixou de ser equilibrado, mas a mais consistencia do Benfica levou a um 2-0 sem sobressaltos numa noite em que se fez história.

sábado, outubro 15, 2005

"Critical Windows patch may wreak PC havoc"

"A Microsoft patch meant to fix critical security flaws in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 is causing trouble for some users, the company said Friday."

Como muito boa gente diz (eu também), quando a Microsoft se lembra de corrigir um problema, aparecem mais dois ou três.
Apesar da minha opinião ser um pouco sensacionalista, realmente não se percebe como uma empresa como a M$, que têm os melhores programadores do mundo, pelo menos é que se diz, que têm a responsabilidade de 80/90% das pessoas usarem o seu SO.. não se compreende a saída de um patch que não foi testado a 100%.


Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Online

Muito se tem falado, muitas opiniões existem... mas nada em concreto em relação a como irá ser o modo online de Pro Evolution Soccer 5.
Perante screens tiradas por um utilizador do ( ) mostra uma grande quantidade de opções o que poderá levar a pensar que será tudo regulado por servidores. Mas vejamos, num Fifa (PC) em que tudo se passa por Direct IP e tendo isso em conta, será que os senhores da Konami estarão disposto a gastar dinheiro em manutenções etc. para que o online não tenha lag? Tenho as minhas duvidas... até porque mesmo com Direct IP e se for feito como deve de ser o lag pode ser quase inexistente, e isso ja acontece com o Fifa. Mas é obvio que com servidores seria uma grande noticia para todos os gamers de PES visto que torna tudo muito mais estável, mais facil de criar cups, ligas, etc. Tudo não passa de rumores, e as screens que se têm vindo a ver, todas elas dizem respeito à Playstation 2. Ora, sendo um modo PC o mais jogado e mais apreciado pelos gamers online, visto que tudo se faz no mesmo sitio (PC), onde será muito mais facil arranjar parceiro pelo IRC ou visitar o site da liga em que estamos inscritos.. a duvida está instalada.

Esperemos então que a Konami nos surpreenda coisa que não tem acontecido em relação a este assunto.

Com a data de saída a 20Out para a Ps2/Xbox e 27 PC a mim resta-me esperar pelo dia 27 e tirar as minhas dúvidas quanto ao online. Escolher entre servidores e rankings na Playstation2 e um Direct IP "manhoso" com lag a para dar e vender, prefiro sem duvida a versão Play2.